Learn about the dangers of sugar and its correlation to the size of tumors.


Following nine years of research, molecular biologists in Belgium have found that sugars promote the development of tumors. Their results, published Friday in the journal Nature Communications, help answer a question oncologists have puzzled over for years. Additionally, these studies may offer some new, nutrition-based cancer fighting solutions.


How does Sugar promote the Growth of Tumors?

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sugar “awakens” existing cancer cells, causing them to increase and multiply quickly.

Most non-cancerous cells in the body gather their strength from aerobic respiration, a procedure that begins by separating food into usable, energy-filled molecules through a series of chemical processes that requires oxygen, which then separates carbon dioxide as a byproduct. This excludes cancer cells. Even when a plethora of oxygen is accessible to separate glucose and utilize it as fuel, cancer cells would rather feed off of fermenting sugar, which has a produces less energy than the ordinary chemical reactions cells utilize. This is known as the ‘Warburg Effect’.

The analysts behind the new study closely monitored yeast cells in the lab, and found that their process of fermentation — a similar one that cancer cells favor — promotes tumor development. Furthermore, their discoveries suggest that the most cancer-causing genes, called Ras proteins, only strengthen tumors when coupled with a high sugar intake. To summarize this process, sugar “awakens” existing cancer cells, causing them to increase and multiply quickly, as indicated by the researchers. “The hyperactive sugar consumption of cancerous cells leads to a vicious cycle of continued stimulation of cancer development and growth” lead researcher and Belgian molecular biologist Johan Thevelein, an educator at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, wrote in an official statement.


Prevention Methods

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Oncologists are coming up with new, tailor-made diets for cancer patients.

Scientists believe this breakthrough in the study of how sugar and growth collaborate has “sweeping consequences” for additional studies. Research in the past has suggested that cancer treatments may have the ability to target the cells’ ‘sweet tooth’ with focused treatments, and these scientists believe their discoveries could enable oncologists to come up with new, tailor-made diets for cancer patients. However, researchers do point out that there’s more work to do, as they do not know what makes the cancer cells act along these lines.


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A Michigan woman will spend seven days in jail after she defied a judge’s ruling for the vaccination of her 9-year old child.

Rebecca Bredow was condemned for contempt of court Wednesday, about a year after an Oakland County judge requested her to have her child immunized. Bredow had been given until Wednesday to get her child the medicinally permitted measure of vaccination, which would be up to eight immunizations. However, the Detroit mother, refering to her religious beliefs, stated she had no intentions of vaccinating her child.

The Court Hearing

Rebecca Bredow and her lawyer Steven Vitale stand side-by-side in the courtroom as they await the Judge's ruling.

Rebecca Bredow and her lawyer Steven Vitale stand side-by-side as they await the Judge’s ruling.

Bredow said amid a court hearing, as indicated by the Associated Press, “I’m a passionate mother who cares deeply about my children, their health and their well-being. . . . If my child was forced to be vaccinated, I couldn’t bring myself to do it,”

The jail sentence is the most recent in a progressing fight with her ex, James Horne, who believes their child should be vaccinated and shares joint custody of the 9-year old.

“I understand you love your children. But what I don’t think you understand is that your son has two parents, and dad gets a say,”Judge Karen McDonald told Bredow, the AP reported.

McDonald allowed Horne temporary custody of their child and requested her to vaccinate the child. Additionally, McDonald said in court that Bredow’s lawyer had signed off on the November court order for he vaccination, meaning Bredow had consented to it.

“It’s clear to me that you don’t care about orders even if you agree to them, which you did,” the judge told Bredow, who’s the primary care provider of her child with Horne.

Benton Richardson, Horne’s lawyer, said his client means to have his child completely vaccinated. “The court was really left with no alternative except to take this action based on the fact that she’d indicated she wasn’t going to follow the order,” Richardson stated.

Bredow had disclosed to The Washington Post that she anticipated jail time. “I can’t give in against my own religious belief,” she said Saturday, adding that she is not against the vaccination of her child. “This is about choice. This is about having my choices as a mother to be able to make medical choices for my child.”

The Controversy Surrounding Vaccinations

A vaccine is withdrawn from its bottle and into a needle for insertion.

Parental Guardians who refuse to vaccinate their child do as such for various reasons, including religious beliefs.

Parental Guardians who refuse to vaccinate their child do as such for various reasons, including religious, individual and philosophical convictions, wellbeing concerns, and a need for more data from healthcare suppliers. This all stems from 2016 research published in the Journal of Pediatric Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

The American Medical Association have long denounced allowing parents to decrease vaccination for nonmedical reasons and have referred to a vaccine’s capacity to counteract sickness, such as, measles, mumps and other life-threatening diseases. However, three different states permit religious exclusions for vaccines. 20 different states, including Michigan, give exclusion for religious and individual reasons. Just three, California, Mississippi and West Virginia, do not permit nonmedical exclusions.

In Michigan, parents or legal guardians of kids enrolled in public or private schools are required attend an informative session in which they find out about diseases that vaccines can avert, before they’re given waivers for nonmedical purposes.

Bredow said that is what she had done. Additionally, she stated that she and Horne had at first consented to postpone their child’s vaccinations for three months after he was conceived in 2008. After two years, in 2010, she said they both consented to suspend all vaccines, and their child has not had a vaccine shot since.

Discussion of Vaccinations in Politics

President Donald Trump is seen giving a speech in front of the United States Flag.

The once-subtle movement has grown over the years, and has even been endorsed by President Donald Trump.

Additionally, the legal battle comes in the midst of a developing hostility towards vaccines, which began in 1998, when a medical journal distributed a now-discredited investigation connecting vaccinations with autism. The once-subtle movement has grown over the years, and has even been endorsed by President Donald Trump, who over and over proposed a connection between vaccines and autism before his run for president.

In January, vaccination skeptic Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said President-elect Trump had requested that he head a new commission on vaccinations. A representative later stated that Trump was investigating the likelihood of the creation of a commission on autism. The proposal seems to have slowed to a halt. Kennedy revealed to STAT News a month ago that he has had no exchanges with White House officials about the commission since February.

A few people who support Bredow gathered outside the Oakland County courthouse Wednesday, holding signs saying they, “Stand with Rebecca” and “No Forced Shots.”


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