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How Chiropractic Care can Improve Common Respiratory Function

Discover how Chiropractic care has shown to help reduce the symptoms of Asthma and COPD, as well as to improve Respiratory function The World Health Organization reports that the most widely recognized chronic respiratory diseases are asthma, pulmonary hypertension, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Others include hypertension in the arteries that connect the heart and lungs. Despite these […]

Chiropractic care reduces symptoms of Autism in Three-Year old

Discover how the implementation of chiropractic care proved to reduce the symptoms of autism for a suffering three year-old girl A 2014 study from the Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research notes that chiropractic adjustments could help reverse and prevent autism and issues identified on the autism spectrum. The patient was an adopted three-year-old girl who […]


Incredible Health Benefits of Holistic Chiropractic Care

Discover how Holistic Chiropractic Care works to improve your overall health through back, neck and joint pain treatments. Back and neck pain are the main areas for which patients look for chiropractic help. Through manual spinal manipulation, chiropractic care serves as a holistic therapy that concentrates on fortifying up solid musculoskeletal and nervous systems to […]

Discover the 5 ways Chiropractic Care Benefits Pregnancy

Learn how Chiropractic Care can help reduce back and joint pain in expectant women, in addition to promoting a faster recovery time after pregnancy.   Pregnancy is a joyous time in an expectant mother’s life. Albeit exciting, women experience a lot of changes as the infant develops. The back, neck and joints are the different […]

Holistic Care is Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry

Find out how Holistic Care teams are benefiting the U.S. Healthcare Sector through rapid Job Growth and System Reformation Holistic Care teams are looking to shake up the U.S. Healthcare system. Currently, the U.S. Healthcare system is the most costly per capita — around two times higher than the U.K. and Australia, with chronic diseases, […]

How Exercise may actually Benefit from a Lack of Focus

Discover how a lack of focus during an exercise could potentially benefit your form, rather than negatively affecting it. Mentors, fitness coaches, and even our own brains encourage us to focus during an exercise, as it will only improve our results. Put enough thought behind a muscle under stress, or an agile movement and our form […]

An Elimination Diet helped rid one woman of Migraines and Back Pain

One woman lived with migraines and back pain all her life, until one friend recommended she try an Elimination Diet. Even the most common food items may end up being the cause of your unexplained medical issues. Such was the situation for Kim Taylor, a mother of two from Austin, Texas. She experienced unbearable migraines over […]

Scientists Identify a new link between Tumors and Sugar

Learn about the dangers of sugar and its correlation to the size of tumors.   Following nine years of research, molecular biologists in Belgium have found that sugars promote the development of tumors. Their results, published Friday in the journal Nature Communications, help answer a question oncologists have puzzled over for years. Additionally, these studies […]

How Breathing Exercises could help Prevent High Blood Pressure

Discover how Essential Hypertension could be Prevented with Proper Breathing Exercises.   Essential Hypertension – the most common type of hypertension – accounts for 95 percent of people with high blood pressure. Fortunately, researchers at the University of Melbourne and Macquarie University have noted unusual activity between neurons controlling breathing and blood pressure during the […]