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Learn more about how chiropractors are successfully treating the symptoms of acute back pain, while saving patients both time and money

The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) recently released statistics on acute back pain. Their information noted that 80 percent of the population suffers from back-related issues at some point in their lives. Furthermore, their study reports that 31 million citizens living in the United States deal with daily chronic back pain. With such staggering numbers, one begs the question, “What can be done to help reduce the number of people suffering from a back-related issue?”


What can be done to treat Acute Back Pain?

An photo of an x-ray of a human spine.

A new study suggests chiropractic care treats acute back pain.

When reading similar reports, patients may feel as though back pain is inescapable, making the search for preventative treatment pointless. Fortunately, one recent study from the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) seems to suggest otherwise. Their study suggests that as long as a treatment plan includes chiropractic care, acute back pain can be prevented.

The Journal of the American Medical Association published a comprehensive review and analysis conducted by 10 medical professionals from universities, medical centers, and healthcare systems across the United States. The primary inquiry this group set out to answer was, “Is the use of Spinal Manipulative Therapy (SMT) in the management of acute (≤6 weeks) low back pain associated with improvements in pain or function?” The medical group investigated 26 different clinical trials, with a timespan from January 2011 to February 2017. These clinical trials involved Spinal Manipulative Therapy for 1,711 different patients.


Results of the Study

A photo of a doctor holding a patient's x-ray.

Chiropractic care can save families both time and money when treating acute back pain.

The medical group noticed that in 15 of these studies, Spinal Manipulation Therapy statistically significantly benefited the patients. It was also effective in lowing their levels of back pain. Additionally, almost half of those 26 different trials (12 in all) discovered positive effects in functionality for 1,381 patients. This is when compared to alternative treatment methods or incorrect chiropractic care.

Studies do note that 50 to 67 percent of participants experienced muscle stiffness, headaches, or increased pain after SMT. However, no serious adverse events occurred as a result. This only solidifies the safety of chiropractic care, while also confirming it as a legitimate option for the treatment of acute back pain.

This study is important, as a recent statistic from the ACA states that 50 percent of the working population experienced back pain in the previous 12 months. This only serves to confirm that one effective way of treating these symptoms and keeping families on their feet is through a process that treats their back pain effectively. Consistent Chiropractic care can do just that for a patient. Chiropractic care can save families both time and money due to the avoidance of unnecessary medical bills. This may also allow families to enjoy doing the things they love together.


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