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Read about one study that linked chiropractic care to the relief of tension headaches after one month of spinal manipulation

With tension headaches being a common nervous system disorder around the world, plaguing nearly 50 percent of the populace at least once annually, figuring out how to relieve them is critical with regards to improving quality of relief for many. There are different kinds of headaches– for example, migraines and cluster headaches – and each headache involves different styles of treatment. However, the point still stands that the most common form of headache plaguing the world populace is a tension headache. Fortunately, a new study has shown that chiropractic care may effectively relieve the most common form of a headache after a month of regular treatment.


About Tension Headaches

A woman grabs at the front of her head to relieve pain brought on by headaches.

Tension headaches plague anywhere from 30 to 80 percent of sufferers.

As indicated by the Cleveland Clinic, tension headaches plague anywhere from 30 to 80 percent of sufferers and are identified by by the pain that extends over the head in a sort of band. This sets tension headaches apart from migraines, as the pain from those are generally felt on one side of the head. Since tension headaches are so predominant, researchers have begun multiple studies in order to determine which treatments offer relief. One such bit of research was distributed in the European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine in February of 2016. It was intended to decide if there were any head pain benefits offered by chiropractic care.


Study and Conclusion

A woman holding the front of her head in hopes of relieving one of many headaches.

If you experience the ill effects of tension headaches, chiropractic care may relieve your symptoms naturally.

Sixty-two women between the ages of 18 and 65 joined. All of them endured a tension-type headache. Upon approval, each were appointed to one of four groups, three of which included a particular treatment (one was spinal manipulation) and one of which acted as a control. Following the study, researchers found that when compared with the control, the individuals who received spinal manipulation “showed improvements in their physical role, bodily pain, and social functioning” one month after treatment. In summary, chiropractic care enhanced their quality of life beyond the physical improvements of headache relief. In the event that you experience the ill effects of a tension headache, chiropractic care may relieve your symptoms naturally. Additionally, it may also provide a healthier standard of living.


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One woman lived with migraines and back pain all her life, until one friend recommended she try an Elimination Diet.

Even the most common food items may end up being the cause of your unexplained medical issues. Such was the situation for Kim Taylor, a mother of two from Austin, Texas. She experienced unbearable migraines over the course of many years, not including knee and back agony that continued to persist.


Diagnosing the Problem

An assortment of vegetables stocked for sale.

An elimination diet begins with the of dispensing elimination of certain foods and food groups.


When nothing else seemed to relieve Kim’s pain, she found through a close friend, a program called Personalize to Thrive. This program presented the concept of an elimination diet. This relatively new idea begins with the elimination of certain foods and food groups to discover which ones may affect your wellbeing. Basic foods to begin with are dairy products, eggs, nuts, nightshade vegetables, gluten, soy, and corn. Additionally, you may tailor the elimination diet anyway you like, given what you think may be causing your illness.

This is the method Kim began, and her outcomes were incredible. By day 8 of the diet, Kim says,  “I jumped out of bed around 5:45 a.m. and had more energy than I could remember having even in my twenties. I slept soundly all night and nothing in my body hurt.” Perhaps the greatest shock was discovering which food items were really causing her chronic pain and migraines. Kim admits that her sugar cravings toward the start of the elimination diet demonstrated an astonishing and obscure dependence on sugar, yet that wasn’t the main contributor to all of her pain.


Eliminating Foods and Pain

Grilled Chicken served on a plate, surrounded by Brussel sprouts.

“It didn’t matter whether the chicken was boneless, skinless, organic chicken or not, but every time I ate chicken I got a migraine…”

Surprisingly, chicken and corn were the main cause of Kim Taylor’s migraines. “It didn’t matter whether the chicken was boneless, skinless, organic chicken or not, but every time I ate chicken I got a migraine,” Kim says.”When I introduced a single corn tortilla, the very next day I gained over three pounds! I’ve tried corn in every manner since, and it now makes me physically ill if I accidentally ingest corn.”

Her discoveries are confirmation that every body is unique, and even apparently harmless foods can unexpectedly cause dietary issues. Elimination diets are a way to explore different avenues regarding your dietary intake, in addition to gaining useful knowledge about how your individual body reacts to the foods you intake. “Too many doctors are quick to prescribe medication to mask the pain,” Kim says. “The pain is there to tell us something is wrong with our bodies.”


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