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Network Care is a profound approach to healing and wellness that greater connects you to your ability to heal and recover. Research has demonstrated that our system of gentle contacts to the body and spine refine the body’s ability to shift into a state of greater ease, peace, connection and healing. This care not only helps you feel better but also improves your health and well-being. Network has been shown to promote your experience of greater physical, mental and emotional wellness, as well as reduce stress, enhance the ability to make healthier choices, enjoy life more, and improve one’s quality of life.We provide a unique holistic chiropractic approach. By incorporating two complementary modalities clients often report accelerated results physically, mentally and emotionally.

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Dr. Dominick D’Anna started Simply Well Holistic Chiropractic Care in 1999, and dedicated his practice to a whole-body approach to wellness. Dr. D’Anna practices a gentle non-invasive technique called, Network Care.

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Uniquely tailored to you; Network care addresses physical, mental, emotional, and chemical issues that are part of your condition.

If you’re tired of pain, persistent chronic patterns, conditions and other health problems, we can help you! Over 95% of the people we see have their expectations met or exceeded.

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